Road Safety Pledge

  • I will always use seat belts, helmets & all other Safety equipments while driving, including use of child restraint system when needed.
  • I will not over speed while driving.
  • I will never indulge or encourage in under-age driving.
  • I will always follow Lane Discipline, maintain 2 seconds Traffic Distancing and never drive on wrong side.
  • I will not Drink & Drive.
  • I will always be alert and not use mobile phone while driving.
  • I will ensure that my vehicle is “Fit to Drive” & ensure no headlamp glare to others.
  • I will follow “Right to Way” & give preference to pedestrians, cyclists & school children, always.


National Challenge for Change

Their journey to #BillionSafeMiles starts here but we won’t stop attempting a change until #IndiaAgainstRoadCrash becomes a nationwide reality.

Frequently asked questions

1 What is the Commuters Circuit?
The Commuters circuit is an initiative for every Indian citizen to spread awareness on safe driving habits by adopting drive safe code of conduct. You can participate by downloading the app or posting a picture of your odometer at the beginning and end of event to win the championship and contribute to #ABillionSafe Miles
2How Can I Participate?
You have two options to participate. Either download the #IndiaAgainstRoadCrash App, use it during regular commute and contribute to #ABillionSafeMiles. or earn the #SelfMonitoredSafeSpeedMiles by posting a picture of the odometer at the beginning and end of event and share your success with friends on social media.
3What are The Benefits?
You will be recognised for your safe driving behaviour and rewarded with a participation certificate which you can share with friends on social media, tagging at least 3 with #SafeSpeedChallenge and Mark them Safe. Check Your rankings on the Leaderboard, and the participant who wins the championship will get rightfully rewarded.
4How Can I Help Promote Road Safety?
Take the Pledge of road safety code of conduct on participate in the commuters circuit and share your progress on social media. Tag at least 3 more friends to spread awareness.
5Do I need to Download the App?
We would recommend getting the app so that your contribution is recorded regularly. But if you don't wish to, you can easily upload a picture of your odometer at the beginning and end of event to participate.